Keep Floor Lines Crisp With PTE®- Protect The Edge Tile/ Carpet Trim

Klein and Company Terrazzo is now offering a brand new border protection material for use with ceramic tile, marble, hardwood and pavers. PTE® Dividers and Transition Strips protect and maintain the edge integrity of specialty flooring materials like tile and marble that can otherwise be vulnerable to chipping.

These PTE® products are incredibly useful for creating a transition from hard floor products to carpet flooring. They can also be used as decorative strips to create a linear design between tiles or mark separation. Products vary in material, color, and finish for maximum flexibility with any design. Some materials include zinc, bronze, aluminum, and plastic.

Our PTE® trim products are also available as expansion dividers in basic shapes. Expansion material is ⅛” or ¼” thick, black or white neoprene, sandwiched between your choice of zinc or brass.

PTE® Products Available

  • PTE® Zinc and Brass Dividers
  • PTE® 16 Gauge Angle
  • PTE® Expansion Dividers
  • Metal Edge Trims
  • Style Edge L-Angle (Brass, Aluminum)
  • Carpet Tamer and Quarter Circle Trim

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