What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo has its roots as far back as 15th century Venice, when workers began using marble remnants to surface the “terraces” surrounding their living quarters. Remnant chips were placed in clay, dried, and then flattened by using just a hand stone and the body weight of the workers to grind the surface down. Over the centuries, new tools and techniques were developed to refine the process of finishing the floors, but the general idea is still very similar.

Today’s terrazzo flooring combines the beauty of traditional artistry with modern developments such as epoxy resin and recycled aggregates. Selected color combinations of natural marble, recycled glass, or plastic chips are placed in a matrix of pigmented cement or epoxy and troweled onto a prepared concrete slab. The process of grinding and polishing takes place upon setting and drying, exposing the aggregates’ full color. Sealers can then be applied to bring out additional luster and shine.

Why Use Terrazzo?

There’s a few reasons why terrazzo flooring has been desired for the past several hundred years.

  • Unbeaten Durability– Terrazzo floors that were installed centuries ago throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East are still looking as vibrant as ever, even today. It doesn’t crack like tile or lose its luster over time like linoleum, and is resistant to most all chemical or stain concerns.
  • Unbelievably Easy Care– Being non-porous, today’s epoxy terrazzo requires very little effort to keep clean. Its natural joint-free surface doesn’t support bacteria growth.
  • The Ultimate Green Option– Not only will your terrazzo flooring never end up in a landfill somewhere, but many available aggregates are completely sourced from recycled materials.
  • Unlimited Design Options– The myriad of color choices, combined with the ability to easily create shapes with divider strips and “color in the lines,” means that the only limit to what your floor can look like is your imagination.

Where is Terrazzo Used?

Terrazzo is most popular with commercial applications such as hospitals, offices, restaurants, museums, airports and airports. But recently there has been a rise in home installations, especially in countertops and outdoor patio areas.

Ok, I’m convinced! Now what?

Unlike other suppliers that deal only with one part of the process, Klein & Co is your ONE-STOP-SHOP for everything you or your contractor could possibly need; from terrazzo restoration materials, aggregates and epoxies, grinders, polishers, and every accessory or replacement part in between. We have a full list of services available that include comprehensive consultations, custom aggregate blending, terrazzo flooring sample kits, design assistance, on-site equipment training, and any other related advice you might need.

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