Klein & Co Makes Terrazzo Easy for Contractors

Terrazzo flooring offers the end user lots of benefits, including durability, design and color flexibility, low maintenance needs, and sustainability. But for many contractors who’re unfamiliar with terrazzo flooring’s installation processes and techniques, finding the right resources for training and for the job can be an added challenge. That’s why Klein & Co offers services to help installers at all points of the installation journey in one spot. Learn only the techniques that are right for your chosen materials, and take advantage of our design consulting, demos, training, and off-site custom blending service as needed.

Terrazzo flooring is an artisanal tradition from Venice going back hundreds of years–let us distill that knowledge for you so you can get back to focusing on keeping the project on track.

Off-Site Custom Blending 

Aggregate mixing on the job site not only costs you labor, it also comes with job site contamination costs as particulate matter is released into the air as dust. The process of blending aggregate also comes with challenges for getting a reliable blend consistency and accurate blend ratios, and getting all of these variables right can lead to excess time spent on blending. Klein & Co has 15 years of experience in aggregate blending, which means we’re able to spend less time prepping, and more time pouring. When you choose to use our specialty off-site custom blending facility, we guarantee accurate mix ratios and aggregate consistency. We’re able to blend marble, glass, shell, ceramic quartz, or broadcast sands, and every blend is mixed by the pound, which means there’s no need to pay for excess material once the job’s completed.

With more than 30 types of chip colors in stock every day, we’re able to accommodate most special blending needs with little to no lead time. In most cases, the mixed aggregate will be shipped to your job site within days.

Onsite Demos & Training

When you’re dealing with highly specialized materials and finishing techniques, generalized demos and off-site training can leave some troubling information gaps. After years of hearing this feedback from contractors and installers, we began offering onsite demos and training for anyone who requests the service.

Try Any Equipment Before You Buy

We offer full demonstrations of all of our equipment before you make any commitment to buy. This includes Terrco equipment and Reliable Diamond Tool accessories. Know exactly how the equipment works, and whether its effects are right for your project, before taking the plunge. Learn the most efficient techniques from the experts before the equipment is tried on the job site to save you wasted labor time.

Custom Sample Service

Need to get the client and the architect on the same page on the final look of the flooring? Klein & Co can help with that. Our custom sample service creates custom samples to your exact specifications so that architects, designers, clients, and contractors can all see exactly what the final look of your terrazzo will be. Choose any color combination, any Epoxy manufacturer, and any aggregate, and we’ll send you 6” x 6” samples that can come in handy for the bidding process or for restoration/color matching projects.

In-House Design Consultants

Working on a project without an architect or designer? That’s no problem. Klein & Co provides in-house design consultants so that clients without a rigid design plan can get a professional consultation on color mixing and flooring choices.

One-Stop Shop: Flooring & Maintenance Products

Not only do we sell everything you need to install terrazzo flooring–we also sell all of the products your end user might need for ongoing maintenance. Our experts will be able to show you exactly what’s needed to maintain your finalized floors and supply your end user with product, taking out a step for contractors.

From first color mix to final floor maintenance, Klein & Co has you covered.