Estes Broadcast Granules

Estes PermaColor® Quartz Granules

Estes PermaColor® Quartz Granules combine the strength and durability of pure crystalline silica with a high-performance color coating to compliment seamless flooring with brilliant color and long life. Our products provide an abrasion-resistant, stable bonding surface ideally suited for many types of architectural resin systems. The high density silica is translucent and allows color to transmit through the particle, as well as reflecting from the surface. PermaColor® Quartz Granules are ideal for seamless architectural floor coatings, whether screed or trowel applied polymer slurries, broadcast systems or self-leveling formulations.

Applications span light industrial, commercial and institutional, including automotive showrooms, banks, cafeterias, churches, clean rooms, food processing plants, hospitals, kitchens, laboratories, schools and stadiums.

KCI offers PermaColor® Quartz Standard Colors, as well as Custom Colors, blended to your specifications. We carry Broadcast Medium 30-50 Mesh in stock daily.

Estes Products – Estes Quartz Color Chart

Estes PermaColor® Vinyl Chips

Estes’ Vinyl Chips are a specifically formulated product that enhances the look of resinous floors. Compatible with a wide variety of resins. Our chips feature unlimited blending options allowing you to match any room’s style. Vinyl Chips are an economical way to increase the aesthetics of resinous flooring.

  • Large Selection of Standard Colors
  • Two sizes 2mm (1/16”) and 6mm (1/4”)
  • Color Fast
  • UV Resistant
  • Durable
  • Standard Blends and Custom Blending Available

Estes Products – Estes Chips 2mm Color Chart
Estes Products – 6mm Color Chart
Estes Products – Blends Color Chart

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