K-Poxy Epoxy Terrazzo

Klein & Co Terrazzo offers several epoxy flooring systems to best match your intended environment. Whether installing in a healthcare facility, retail, or residential setting, terrazzo flooring systems can provide decades of beauty and durability. K-Poxy products offer a seamless, resilient and low maintenance option for any project. Our thin-set epoxy can be pigmented, like paint, to achieve the color of your choice. In addition, our products allow for patching and/or resurfacing your area whether using cement or epoxy terrazzo.

Epoxy and Aggregate Color Selection: We can create your custom floor to match any paint color palette using our K-Poxy® Epoxy Matrix. Sherwin Williams®, Benjamin Moore®, PPG Porter Paints®…your swatch number is all we need to help you produce your custom epoxy color and choose complimentary aggregates for your new flooring system.

Our experienced team will gladly provide assistance with color selection and basic installation questions.

Our products include:

  • K-Poxy® Epoxy Terrazzo System
  • K-Poxy® Flexible Epoxy System
  • K-Poxy® Primer
  • Key Resin Moisture/Vapor System
  • Key Resin #635 MVT®
  • Key Resin EPOCOAT®
  • K-Poxy® Polyacrylate System- Cement Terrazzo

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