Terrazzo Divider Strips

We carry a vast assortment of divider strips and trim to help accentuate any terrazzo or tile floor. Divider strips are used to separate contrasting colors, create geometrical shapes, borders and logos. Klein & Co Terrazzo’s exclusive PTE®-Protect The Edge strip has been an industry standard for over 40 years, protecting the edge of tile, marble or terrazzo flooring, subject to chipping at the edge. PTE® divider strips are most commonly used to provide a transition from hard floor products to carpeting. Our strip is offered in several types of material/ finish including zinc, brass, aluminum, brushed nickel, and plastic- all meeting NTMA industry standards.

In addition, Klein & Co Terrazzo can provide divider notching, design consultations and logo layouts. Our custom logo designs and floor inlays can be used to incorporate your company logo, team mascots or slogans into your flooring design.

We carry zinc, brass, aluminum, extruded, and neoprene materials for all your trim needs:

  • Heavy Top “L” Angle Strips
  • Standard Strip
  • Expansion “T” Strips
  • Stair Channel
  • Carpet Tamer
  • Style Edge L Angle Extruded
  • Transition Dividers
  • Thresholds/ Reducers

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