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Supplying the Terrazzo Flooring Industry for over 60 years

Klein & Co is proud to be one of the nation’s largest terrazzo and aggregate suppliers. Our goal is to provide contractors, architects, and designers with the highest quality products for flooring, countertops, high traffic areas, and customer service.
Whether it’s dramatic black terrazzo for a kitchen upgrade, or flooring pattern using a variety of materials like glass and marble terrazzo, Klein & Co has every unique type of aggregate available to spice up any space.

Start designing with aggregates now!


blue grey aggregate
ultra white aggregate
dmc bottocino aggregate
kci modern mop aggregate
dmc blue aggregate
kci 1458 aggregate
Sample Program
Our service provides custom samples for any terrazzo flooring design need. Whether bidding on a job or searching for the perfectly matched floor, you can utilize our service to create custom terrazzo samples made with your exact specifications. Learn More
decorative terrazzo

Terrazzo from start to finish

Klein & Co offers several terrazzo flooring systems and all of the products and equipment necessary for your chosen job.

View Terrazzo Installation Products
decorative terrazzo
decorative terrazzo

Maintain your floor properly

Our floor care products can help prolong the life of your floor, make floor maintenance easier and protect your flooring system.

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Terrazzo Restoration
Let us bring new life to your aged floor! Our techniques and products allow for extensive protection and restoration options. We carry a full line of diamond tooling to open your existing floor and remove surface discoloration and imperfections. New sealers can be applied to bring luster and shine to floors that are decades old. Learn More


How Choosing the Right Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Products Can Save You Time and Money

How Choosing the Right Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Products Can Save You Time and Money

When it comes to maintaining your terrazzo floors, you often look for the most cost-effective solution to get the […]

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