Flooring By the Seasons: Winter Colors in Aggregates

Now that the winter months are upon us, we’re huddled safely indoors, with dreams of marble aggregate colors dancing in our heads. Here are some of our favorite winter color combinations inspired by cozy winter landscapes.

Winter Wonderland

KCI Mixed Plate, KCI Modern Mop, and Pure White aggregates come together for a floor that mimics the soft array of colors revealed by sun on fresh fallen snow. 

Open Shutters, Icy Branches

White Rose, Zinc Chips, and China White are a frosty combination, like an icy branch with just a hint of cool rosehip.

Shetland Pony in Snowscape

We’re not sure where he’s going or how he got here, but we do know this gorgeous pony photo would go perfectly alongside a terrazzo floor made from Alpine Red, Mt Airy, and Onyx Aggregate.

Conifer Combo

DMC Royal Green, Red Cedar, and Diablo White bring just the right amount of forest chill indoors.

Feeling the inspiration yet? If you have colors you’d like to match, or just need a little guidance on what to choose, check out our sample kits or contact us for a design consultation.