Klein & Co. Fall Aggregates

Though we’re sad Summer has come to an end, everyone’s favorite season is here! There’s nothing quite like the crisp air of a fall night, the changing of leaves from green to red, and whipping out your favorite cozy sweaters. Fall’s aesthetic is one we love to highlight—bring the warm colors of fall into your home this season with these beautiful aggregate color palettes!


Lace up your hiking boots, we’re taking you to the mountains! Okay, not really, but with this color combo, your home will look straight out of a woodland cabin (in the best way possible). This dark “alpine red,” paired with two neutrals is on point for capturing this season’s finest hues.


Gourds, pumpkins and the like are a staple in Fall home decor. Keep the vibe all year round with these pumpkin inspired aggregates! Light, bright colors always pair well together and make an awesome pallette for adding in color elsewhere. Pure White, Light Buff, and Valley Yellow make up this aesthetically pleasing trio.


Gear up for sweater weather with these cozy fall colors. Though it may not be cold yet if you’re based in the South (like us!), the cooler temperatures are around the corner and it’s never too early to start dreaming of bonfires and roasting marshmallows. A pretty chocolate brown, paired with a rustic red and a neutral really speak for fall’s stunning coloring.


Gather around the family table for a colorful feast! Thanksgiving is a time of year that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, which is exactly the way this assortment of aggregates is aiming to imitate. The hues of Thanksgiving dinner inspired this warm combo and consists of CC Rose, Amber, and Raven Black.


We hope our favorites for fall have inspired you! Need help picking out aggregate for your next interior design or commercial flooring project? Contact Klein & Co! Our trained experts will help you find the best combination for your look!