Our Top Five Faves I

Since its invention dating back to the 15th century, terrazzo continues to add an element of sophistication to architectural design.

Withstanding the test of time, terrazzo is well known for its durability, sustainability, and easy-to-clean surface. This year, in particular, the ancient flooring technique is being repurposed in new and innovative ways all around the world – from furniture and accent walls to home decor and fashion statements.


Here is Klein & Co. top five faves in all things terrazzo right now:

Conde Nast’s Headquarters

Photography by Garrett Rowland

Located in the One World Trade Center, the revamped headquarters of Conde Nast utilizes white terrazzo floors to bring in an air of grandeur and simplicity to the workplace. Designed by Gensler New York, the beautifully done spiral staircase creates an aesthetic that is both welcoming and congenial for the employees. Feeling inspired by this look? Check out our Epoxy Series 4 Palette #105 to add a minimalistic flair to your floors.      

Terrazzo Dress

We are loving that the terrazzo craze has made its way into fashion—take a gander at this gorgeous terrazzo printed dress by Carolina Herrera. A unique blend of colors spotted across a white foreground yields a fresh finish to any outfit. This lovely midi dress can be found at Neiman Marcus, retailed at a wholesome total of $2,690.00. For a similar price, you could sample our one of kind Cement Series 1 Palette #13 to add a bold new addition in your home.

Terrazzo Coffee Table

Urban Outfitters’ Taryn Terrazzo coffee table is making us swoon over its polished style and lightweight design. This dark and moody color scheme is reminiscent of our Key Resin Color Palette in the Clear Series #605 and can enhance a level of modernism to any space.

Mandy Moore’s Pasadena House

In a perfect mixture of vintage and contemporary, Mandy Moore’s newly renovated home in Pasadena, California gives us an old meets new vibe. The star’s tasteful choice for terrazzo can be found on her radiant white floors, speckled fireplace ledge, and on a distinctive guest bathroom floor. If you’re digging these floors, Klein & Co.’s White Series may just be the perfect match for your design project.  

Terrazzo Printed Wallpaper


Ferm Living’s latest wallpaper design proves that you can add depth to any room using terrazzo. Although impressed with its new line of terrazzo imitation wallpaper, available in grey and rose, we believe that nothing can beat the real thing. Browse through our Venetian Collection to complete your design with authentic terrazzo.      

And there you have it – our top five faves of the moment! With terrazzo’s endless color and style combinations, we aren’t surprised it’s found its way into all areas of design. Contact us to set up a meeting with our design experts and stay ahead of the trends!