Our Top Five Faves II

Like clockwork, certain trends will always find their way back in style but some designs continue to live on, not limited to any single era. With a proven track record dating as far back as 9,000 B.C., there’s no arguing that terrazzo is a truly timeless choice.     

From bathroom collections and coffee bars to kitchenware and hanging lights – Klein & Co. is back with another round of our top five faves in all things terrazzo!

Let’s dive right into some of today’s top terrazzo trends:

Five Elephant Cafe in Berlin

Photography by Magnus Pettersson

A sanctuary for design (and coffee) enthusiasts, this stylish cafe is doing some serious justice for terrazzo. It’s no surprise that we’re swooning over this mostly white palette with large specks of color. Five Elephant, located in Berlin’s humming borough of Mitte, gives third wave coffee shops a new standard with its no seat policy, minimal design, gold finishes and modern style.

Terrazzo Pendant Lights

Created with chips of marble and granite, these petite light fixtures by Meraki Decoration demonstrate the versatile nature of terrazzo. If you’re looking to achieve a few double takes, you can always count on terrazzo to do the trick! Statement-worthy and eye-catching, Klein & Co. approves of these gems in modern home decor.

Bathroom Furniture

We’re going back to black with these showstoppers! Quite the striking display, “Marmoreal” is precast terrazzo made with large aggregates and crafted into a three-dimensional illustration. Designed by Max Lamb and manufactured by Dzek, this stunning bathroom collection invokes questions about the mass standardization of sanitary ware.

A Modern Parisian Flat

Located in the heart of Paris lies a chic flat above a department store. Designed by Marie-Sixtine’s Art Director, Sandrine Place, these kitchen countertops and bathroom walls are fashioned with stylish terrazzo. With sustainability and ease of cleaning in mind, it’s no wonder Sandrine picked terrazzo!

Terrazzo Bowls

We really can’t get enough of this terrazzo craze! These handmade porcelain bowls from London are designed in an eclectic style with a terrazzo pattern and are part of the Unearthed Interiors collection by Sevak Zargarian. We’d set any table with these beauties.

With a mix of traditional heritage and contemporary usages and styles, terrazzo will always prevail regardless of the era. Join the terrazzo trend now and contact us for samples to start your next design project!