The Many Advantages Of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Klein & Company Inc is based in the Canton, Georgia, but we have clients from all over the world. We specialize in specialty flooring equipment and supplies to the terrazzo, tile, epoxy floor coatings, concrete and surface preparation industries with a huge commitment in customer service and getting the job done right the first time. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we love helping our clients create beautiful flooring. It’s simple: we love floors and believe that nothing can bring more character to a home or business more than a beautiful, interesting floor.

Today we’ll explore some advantages of epoxy floor coatings.

  • Epoxy floor coatings create an easy to clean, durable, seamless floor. They dry to become strong, seamless floors that can be wiped clean of dirt, dust, and debris easily.
  • Epoxy floor coatings result in a high-gloss shine and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Choose one color or create a unique pattern!
  • Epoxy floor coatings are chemically resistant which means that they’re ideal for warehouses, hospitals, industrial plants, and more!
  • Epoxy floor coatings improve safety by creating slip resistant flooring that’s also heat, impact, and fire resistant, too.
  • Ideal for industrial and work areas, epoxy floor coatings can be laid to indicate work zones and walking areas by using different colors.
  • Epoxy floor coatings also offer an environmentally friendly flooring option for those companies or homes who are looking to choose a “green” flooring option.

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