Trends in Terrazzo This Season

2018 has been a great year for terrazzo! Though we’ve always known terrazzo was an obvious choice for commercial and residential spaces alike, the interior design community has especially honed in on terrazzo in the past year. Pinterest revealed that saves for terrazzo have been up 316% in the past nine months. With its endless color combinations, versatility, and durability it’s easy to see why it has quickly become one of 2018’s biggest trends! Make a splash with terrazzo this season—we’ve compiled some of 2018’s best interiors trends and how you can incorporate them into your home or commercial space this fall.


Bold Colors

Though neutrals will always be a staple in the interiors world, bold hues have made there way back in style. These 2 hues, in particular, have been seen everywhere—and we’ve come up with how to style them with, you guessed it- terrazzo!


Back in Black

Black is a classic staple that you can easily add to any space. Black walls, furniture, accent pieces, and rugs have been particularly popular this year. Black terrazzo is a bold statement that can also serve as a blank canvas in any room! For commercial spaces, black cleans easily and is as beautiful as it is durable. Designers Tip: pair black with lighter colors! If you decide black flooring is the route you want to take, consider balancing it out with light colored furniture and accessories.


Blue Hues for 2018

Just like black, blue will never go out of style! Adding a pop of cobalt blue is a surefire way to make sure that your design stands out. After a couple years of all white, colorful kitchens have started to gain more traction in the home interiors space. As for the commercial design world, blue has started to pop up in place of black for a lighter and brighter feel.  


Say Something with Statement Flooring

For 2018, bold floors and ceilings have been spotted left and right- coming in the forms of geometric patterns, intricate designs, bold colors and more. When it comes to terrazzo- any shape, design, or pattern is possible- making it the perfect statement floor for your design project! Similar to mosaic, terrazzo can be used as a flooring technique and an art form. Though it can be used for simple and understated floors, it really shines when creating unique and interesting effects. Adding in a geometric floor, backsplash, or shelf is a great way to elevate and refresh a room without replacing everything!



Nod to Nature

Bring the outdoors in with terrazzo! Made from natural materials such as marble, glass, and stone, terrazzo is a great way to incorporate this year’s “natural” trend into your decor. Some of our best-selling neutrals, such as greys, whites, and tans pair well with earthy tones!


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