What Is Terrazzo?

In our previous blog, we went through some helpful ways to understand terrazzo flooring; today, we’re going to look at what terrazzo is and why has it stood the test of time so well. Terrazzo flooring is perhaps best thought of as recycled material made new. The end product is dazzling, cost-effective, and incredibly durable.

Using Terrazzo Correctly

Diverse Application
Although similar, terrazzo flooring is made very differently from standard epoxy flooring, cement, or asphalt. The largest difference lies in the material used; while other flooring joins small stones with a hardening substance, terrazzo uses layers of material and coating to create a stacked flooring. These floor coatings can be clear, semi-translucent, colorful, or even matte finished, making terrazzo one of the most versatile and artistic flooring materials available. Because terrazzo flooring uses chips of recycled material, it can be easily made into many shapes, sizes, designs and more. It isn’t uncommon to see terrazzo flooring used to create stunning designs, logos, and even messages that remain safely preserved under a layer of hardened surface coating; in this sense, terrazzo flooring is similar to mosaic tile, but doesn’t require the painstaking tile creation and selection.

Commercial Uses

You’ve likely seen terrazzo flooring at every major museum and aquarium, where designs built into the floor are commonplace. This is largely because, as mentioned, placing designs is simple and easy, but also because terrazzo flooring is uniquely strong in large, expansive areas. Couple these benefits with the incredible affordability offered by recycled terrazzo chips, and it’s easy to see why many large showrooms opt for terrazzo flooring. Because of its affordability, terrazzo can be seen in offices, warehouses, retail locations, and more, but not always with any sort of decoration or adornment. It is up to the flooring installer to choose which benefits of the terrazzo to utilize; for some, the durability and affordability are enticing enough, while others will opt for the added artistic benefit.

Residential Uses

While less common than its commercial counterpart, residential uses for terrazzo are on the rise. The desire for individuality and a break away from the hardwood flooring that has unquestionably dominated the home building and renovation scene for years has led to a resurgence in terrazzo flooring in homes. Because the look of the floor is almost entirely customizable at an affordable rate, homeowners enjoy a floor that can keep up with their vision for their future home’s individuality. The challenges associated with terrazzo flooring in a home are largely limited to structural load bearing and the homeowner’s imagination for the possibilities terrazzo offers them.

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