Terrazzo Flooring Chips & Materials

Terrazzo flooring is versatile because of the wide array of materials and techniques that can be used to make the flooring appear in a nearly infinite number of ways. We frequently mention that terrazzo is made largely of recycled materials, but what, exactly, are these materials? Today, we’ll review two of the most popular: Marble and glass.

Common Terrazzo Aggregates

Terrazzo chips made from marble are more common than you may initially believe. While marble slabs are considered rare and pricy, there is less demand and far more supply for the tiny chips and scraps accumulated through the harnessing of much larger slabs. Marble terrazzo chips actually date back centuries, when old buildings made from marble were recycled as a material for lower income residents to use in their own homes; by using ground up marble, the budget conscious lower class was suddenly able to reap the longevity and beauty of marble for just about any size flooring, indoors and out, at very little cost. Today, marble terrazzo is primarily produced from mines, where chips of marble are commonplace. Since marble is a long-lasting, durable stone, even tiny chips can last for many years unaltered, providing an abundant supply for terrazzo flooring.

Marble flooring used in terrazzo is not always exactly as we picture marble slabs (white with slight black marbling throughout), instead, terrazzo marble comes in a wide array of colors and visible textures. When combined with different epoxies and resins, the number of color combinations possible with marble terrazzo chips is nearly infinite. In fact, by purchasing different colors and textures, marble chips can make up the entirety of a beautifully designed terrazzo flooring installation.

Glass terrazzo aggregates are not only beautiful, but also the most used recycled material; because glass terrazzo chips can be made from old bottles, mirrors, and just about anything else, the color combinations and tones possible with glass terrazzo is stunning. Additionally, when used with a clear topcoat, glass terrazzo chips create a shimmering, gemlike depth that eludes most other terrazzo aggregates. The end product of glass terrazzo chip flooring can look somewhat like a slab of quartz, an incredibly dazzling mosaic of bright colors, and just about anything in between.

The recycled element involved can’t be overlooked either. Rather than taking stone or sand from the Earth to create flooring for homes and buildings, glass terrazzo chips re-use already created glass products. Because of this fact, the costs associated with this type of terrazzo flooring are impressively affordable for the high-quality display that is created by vivid glass colors.

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