When Terrazzo Needs Restoration

While many homes have a subfloor of manufactured plywood or aging turn-of-the-century thin wood planks hiding beneath their current floor, some homeowners find a surprise terrazzo floor beneath theirs. Business and homeowners in this and other situations may want to restore their terrazzo for an all-new floor that is actually years and years old; but when is a terrazzo restoration truly necessary?

Carpet Damage

As mentioned above, homeowners commonly find once beautiful, now dull terrazzo floors in their home. Unfortunately, these terrazzo floors covered by a previous homeowner were often done so with carpet; this is worrisome because the process of adding or removing carpet atop a terrazzo floor can cause damage to the floor, which would need to be restored. The damage comes in the form of nail plates that help to secure the carpet to the floor; essentially, nails are driven through thin wood strips deep into the terrazzo so that the strips can serve as an anchor for smaller staples or nails that ultimately secure the carpet. Most often, when the nails are ultimately removed (along with the carpet) small, but noticeable, holes are made in the terrazzo flooring below. Homeowners commonly assume that this is due to the terrazzo floor’s age, but is actually on account of the nail removal alone.

Intense Traffic

Terrazzo flooring isn’t reserved for homes alone, and is often found in offices and other commercial buildings. These places of business are characterized by high foot traffic through a litany of conditions, which can erode the surface of the terrazzo. Terrazzo restoration is often needed by doorways and near vestibules in colder climates, as people bring in rock salt and moisture during winter months; this water + rock salt mixture can make short work of terrazzo coating, exposing bare spots in a shorter time period than would be seen in better conditions. In either case, nothing lasts forever; after years of high traffic, lackluster shine or balding spots in the floor coating can lead building and business owners to seek a terrazzo restoration.

Chips & Holes

Even without the assistance of rock salt or nails, it is possible for chips or holes to form over time. Whether from trauma caused by heavy falling or scraping damage, the result of poor initial terrazzo installation, or simply the toll of time, terrazzo flooring can become worn. Chips and holes in the topcoat can (and likely will) grow given time and traffic, so they should be addressed sooner than later. It is always important to hire experienced terrazzo flooring professionals to ensure that your floors are properly sealed and protected from the elements.

We Can Help

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